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  • Waste Assessment & Storage Assessment

  • Identify Recycling Vendors

  • Recycling Program Design and Implementation

  • Customized outreach/education to employees

  • Waste Minimization Practices

  • Buy-Recycled


  • Implement “walk the talk” for all City facilities. Write RFP for recycling at City Facilities. 

  • Recycling in Public-Spaces

  • Identify largest Commercial contributors to landfill

  • Creation of Design Ordinance

  • Creation of Recycling Service Directories

  • Infrastructure Assessments: Identifying local ‘end-markets’

  • Case Studies of Commercial Waste Practices, by industry type.


  • Assess Storage Constraints

  • Identify available vendors Or review current contract

  • Design optimal recycling program

  • Design implementation of recycling program

  • Create new tenant educational outreach


  • Design Composting program based on budget and service constraints.

  • Design a food-rescue program for restaurant

  • Employee education and signage, – multi-language

  • Identify a ‘garbage per customer’ metric.

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